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About Us

DigiLearn strives to find the most effective ways and forge the most impactful collaborations to induce inclusiveness and equity in education. We are imaginatively leveraging technology to achieve these ends. Our tagline, “Enabling Education at the Grassroots,” encapsulates our fundamental mission. We guide schools toward harnessing the power of technology in their academic delivery.

To bring about the transformation at scale, we have collaborated with the Governments of Telangana and Karnataka to create a robust educational infrastructure that facilitates optimal academic delivery. We firmly believe in aligning teachers, students, and parents as integral components of the teaching and learning process.

Our Philosophy

In an era where computer-mediated education has become the norm, we champion the expansion of access and choice in pedagogy. Hybrid learning, a dynamic fusion of traditional and digital educational methods, is not just a natural progression but a revolution in itself. By advocating for affordable and accessible technology, DigiLearn is at the forefront of bridging the digital divide. Our vision extends beyond the confines of conventional learning, embracing the potential of mobile education, which acts as a powerful extension of computer-mediated education, providing additional offline applications for continuous learning.

We are acutely aware of the existing disparities in our pursuit of excellence. EdTech, though transformative, remains a privilege for many and is yet to be mainstreamed. The stark reality of the digital divide is becoming increasingly conspicuous, prompting Governments to explore innovative avenues for equitable access to quality education. We are committed to creating innovative solutions to address not only the access gap but also the quality gap.



In collaboration with the Mahatma Jyothiba Phule Telangana Backward Classes Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (MJPTBCWREIS), DigiLearn has pioneered an innovative initiative. We have successfully established 3,199 digital classrooms spanning across 270 schools and colleges, as detailed below:

Project Timeline Details
Project 1 January 2019 Digital classrooms set up: 1,276 at 151 campuses
Project 2 April 2022 Digital classrooms set up: 227 at 114 campuses
Project 3 April 2023 Digital classrooms set up: 1,696 at 119 campuses

This transformative endeavor, covering all 31 districts of Telangana, positively impacts the lives of over 1.5 lakh students.


The GetCETgo program was launched by the Government of Karnataka in the year 2020. This initiative arose in response to the challenges faced by students amid disruptions in learning caused by the pandemic. The program's resounding success, with over 3.5 lakh logins in the first two editions, motivated the government to launch GetCETgo for the third consecutive year in 2022.:

Enabled by the Government of Karnataka in collaboration with Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) and the Department of Technical Education, GetCETgo offers high-quality online crash courses designed to assist Karnataka students in cracking Engineering and Medical entrance exams. The program delivers test preparation on par with the best coaching institutions. Its comprehensive set of learning aids includes revision material in the form of videos and PPT synopses, practice questions, chapter-wise tests, and mock tests. The GetCETgo platform, accessible for free as a web portal and an app on the Google Playstore, ensures that quality education is available to all.

The 3rd edition of GetCETgo incorporates several enhancements:

DigiLearn is committed to facilitating accessible, high-quality education, and GetCETgo stands as a testament to this commitment, helping students achieve their dreams and excel in their academic pursuits.

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